Sunday, November 13, 2011

Permaculture: Plant Propogation

From one, come many

Nature has had billions of years to perfect it's strategy for survival. Plants especially are capable of fascinating reproduction. For example by clipping the leaf from a Snake plant, such as the one pictured below, cutting it into three pieces and planting it in soil, a new plant will emerge in 12 weeks.

Spider plants and Mt Hood variety strawberries have a different strategy. They send out shoots of baby plants that have the ability to either cling to the mother plant and function as a part of the whole or they can be rooted themselves as entirely new plants! I have spider plant babies and would be happy to share a few with anyone who is interested.

Propagating plants is a wonderful way to give presents and promote sustainability.  Check out this article on how houseplants actually keep you healthier! House Plants Keep You Healthy!


  1. Oh... where can I get a clipping?! Cool plant!

  2. JMR,
    I have spider-plant babies galor. Email me at and we can work something out.

  3. Dave, this is a great blog post. I have chosen to name my blog Rhizome Design Blog, in part because of something similar to what you spoke about here in relation to the way spider plants and strawberries send out shoots of babies.

    Rhizomes are the part of the plants that send out these shoots, and what is particularly fascinating to me is the similarities between these plants and human, social and technological structures. For a brief intro, you can check out the Wikipedia definitions. [] Perhaps the relationship between plants and these systems could be a topic for a future blog post of yours?

  4. I like the sustainable gift idea. I also enjoyed reading How House Plants Keep You Healthy. After reading this article I've decided to add more plants to my home office. I'm looking forward increasing my happiness while I'm working!